SPIES HECKER 9050 elastic additive

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Permasolid Elastic Additive 9050 is an additive based on special polyester resins. It is used to adjust the following products to the elasticity required for painting plastic parts:           

  • Permasolid® HS surfacer
  • Permasolid® HS clear coats
  • Permacron® MS clear coats
  • Permasolid® HS automotive top coat 275
  • Permacron® MS automotive top coat 257 / 730         
  • Permafleet® HS surfacer
  • Permafleet® HS clear coats
  • Permafleet® 2K top coats 630 / 670 / 675
  • PercoTop® 2K top coats                                                                                             

Permasolid® Elastic Additive 9050 gives the paint system a lasting high degree of elasticity.

SPIES HECKER 9050 elastinis priedas
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