Svydis group


The company was founded in 1993, in Kaunas. The company specialists made their first steps learning the secrets of the refinishing processes in partnership with German paint producer Spies Hecker.  And already after three years the Spies Hecker name was very well known in every single bodyshop in Lithuania. In the year 1995 the company had enough resources to operate in local and export markets, was familiar with more that 15 most modern and hi-tech refinishing technologies. Svydis technical staff  became a quick problem and coating complications solving parrtner in the field. The activities of the company start orientation not only to Lithuania market, but to neighbouring Eastern countries and also Middle Asia regions and the long-term custmers visits of Svydis technical staff became a visiting card of the company. In 1999 company served more than several thousand customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Since the first day of our activities we never stopped learning and sharing our knowledge to our customers, grew ourselves and helped to grow others, always tried to have a wide view concerning the refinishing processes, to control the quality of the processes. We were learning form forward thinking technologies, working with the customers and making complex solutions in automotive and industry coatings. The technicians of the company have spent a lot of time creating necessary coating solutions, testing and implementing them. Today our partners know that Svydis: 

  • represents more than 30 leading brands in refinishing
  • has four patented painting technologies
  • exports goods and technological "know how" to more than 10 countries
  • serves more than 12 000 bodyshops in different countires
  • works in the following fields: automotive, rail, sea transport, gas and oil, industrial, household constructions


  • Development of professional painting solutions
  • Design and installation of auto refinishing body shops and industrial spraying booth
  • Technological support and implementation of processes in paintshops
  • Inspection and audits before and afer coating proceses to maintain the highest standarts and durable quality.
  • Training and certification of customer staff by skilled coating advisors
  • Co-operating with different producers in to the new products creating and finding most efficient solutions
  • Sales of products for vehicle refinishing and industrial protective coatings
  • Sales of tools and equipment for surface refinishing and idustrial fields
  • Highly flexible centralized storage and remote regional storages to be closer to customer


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