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2K low emission acrylic primer filler system. Versis guarantee complete all-purpose use thanks to the 3 application methods available: high build filler, primer surfacer and non sanding primer. In tandem its colour range ensures the equality of the finish whichever colour and filling power is used: S1 white, S4 grey and S7 black. Moreover, the primer of the Versis line fulfil the EU environmental legislation regarding VOC emissions. 

Finally, another strong point is that it shares the same hardeners with the Kronox 410 clear coat. Its hardeners are: KX44, KX45 and KX46.

ROBERLO užpildas Versis
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Technical data

ColorWhite, grey, black
Hardener mixing ratio5:1
Dilution ratio-
Number of layers1-3
Product hardness - from 1 to 53
Product leveling, flow - from 1 to 54
Film thickness in microns (2-3 coats)80 µm