Roberlo 1K primer Halley UV200, 1L.

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UV curing 1k primer that increases bodyshop productivity

UV200 is a Blutech UV primer that stands out for its simplicity and ultra-fast drying thanks to its UV curing technology. It is suitable for bodyshops with a high volume of small and medium-sized repairs which prioritize efficiency and productivity without sacrificing a quality topcoat.


  • Ultra-fast drying
  • Cost savings, due to low electricity consumption and zero waste of product
  • Very easy: no mixing components and direct adhesion to any metal.
  • Sustainable solution, containing 50% less VOC than conventional primers.

We recommend using the Robled UV curing lamp for ultra-fast drying.

Roberlo UV gruntas, HALLEY 1K UV200 skaidrus,1L 60632
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