Preparation station Blowtherm "ER 3500"

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Nearly all coating works begin with preparation of the object. It‘s a long and painstaking process that requires special equipment for dust extraction, removal of oxides and rust as well as smoothing out the surface of the object without spreading the particles of the removed matter into the environment. During this process abrasives are used, as well as chemical substances of various durability, and the area where these substances are used must be isolated from the rest of the paint shop. Blowtherm manufactures not only painting booths but also various prep stations. Working with Blowterm equipment is a really pleasant experience.

Blowtherm constantly invests in new equipment and physics research laboratories with a single goal in mind - applying the latest technologies in manufacturing, that will ensure products meet the highest quality standards. The reputation of Blowtherm‘s excellent equipment is testified in the recommendations of the world‘s leading automobile manufacturers, they recommend that all authorized paint and repair shops use Blowtherm equipment. In more than 50 years of existance Blowtherm has earned the name of Premium level manufacturer, and it‘s products set trends in both automobile coating and industrial coating.

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