BLITZ heavy duty folding bumper stand 0202

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* Ideal for storage of bumpers prior to preparation and spraying.
* Adjustable stand width with extendable arms makes this unit suitable for holding various types and styles of bumpers.
* Folds away for easy storage.
* K/D structure.
* Material: steel with powder coated
* Color: orange(pantone 172c) or OEM color
* 2pcs "I" tube: F30*1200*1.2mm
* 4pcs Round tube with plastic tube sleeve: Ø38*600*1.2mm
* 2pcs x Adjustable panel: Ø25*1.8mm, 120*110*2.5mm
* 2pcs x Extension Tube: Ø20*770*1.2mm, Ø22*315*1.2mm
* 2pcs x Steel chain + screw bolt: Ø6mm x 12pcs, Ø8mm
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