Axalta LED Q-Lite, D15383363

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Whether carrying out damage appraisals, comparing the car colour with samples or checking the freshly painted finish for dust inclusions, perfect lighting is critical to get it right.

Our cordless Axalta Q-Lite daylight lamp helps refinishing professionals to choose the right colour. The enhanced optical system with 15 high-power LEDs enables bodyshops to set light intensity levels in multiple stages making it conceivable to compare both light and very dark metallic colours accurately. In addition to providing bright daylight, comparable to midday light, the Axalta Q-Lite daylight lamp also provides warm evening light.

  • Enhanced optical system: New high-power LEDs produce
    light similar to daylight (LEDs with 3x5 optics)
  • Improved fall protection: additional rubber coating and
    increased stability makes rolling off the vehicle even more difficult
  • Improved protection against unintentional operation
    thanks to redesigned button area
  • Added charging indicator provides better overview
  • New colour combination of the housing
Axalta LED Q-Lite, D15383363
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