The creative brothers Rosa realized the idea of spray gun washing machine and manufacture it in the new Montebello plant with 2770 m² in 1984.  The spray gun washing machine not only cleans the painting equipment, but save the time, reducer and operator's health. From the moment when the first machine was created, the quality of new producing washing machines constantly grows, depending on highest engeneering level. The models of washers are producing by the requirements of different markets.
Currently Rosauto manufactured machinery range is very wide:
  • Manual spray gun washers;
  • Automatic spray gun washing machines;
  • Manual/automatic spray gun washing machines;
  • Combi spray gun washing machines with regenerator of thinner;
  • Automatic spray gun washing machines for waterborne paints;
  • Regenerators of thinner;
  • Spare parts washing machines;
  • Pneumo press for carton and cans;

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